Julianne Moore: fifties - is just the beginning!
 Julianne Moore celebrated the 50th anniversary in December last year. You can not believe in it? Until now, its promotional photo shoot extremely sexy and attract as energy and beauty. In the March issue of InStyle (USA) Julian asked about the age of her longtime friend, designer Tom Ford.

Julian graced the cover of the magazine, as well as an actress for many years, the brand is the face of Bulgari, in addition to the pages of interviews and photos, and readers will see the new promotional photos for Juliana luxury brand.

Julian Tom Ford admitted that "yes, time is running out, and now in its sixth decade." But even after 50 and saved the life of feeling is not lost its relevance. Julianne Moore, for example, believes that in 50 years we can find a reason to be proud and pleased with herself. She told all the ladies between the ages who have some business and occupations, which were postponed immediately make them. Even if it's just some kind of purchase, which was always a pity money.

The actress cherishes the time that spends with her husband (director Bart Freundlich). Julian said that it is now experiencing a new sexuality. After all, over the years, every day she had to think about how to send their children to school, meet there, feed, go to the doctor, get ready for school concerts ... Where is the time for you to feel sexy? "Yes, it was my last day" - says Moore. But now, it just may be near the beloved.

Julian largely ordinary woman, with family troubles and problems. And yet it has an intolerable habit: it can pass the whole day in the clothes to practice yoga. And for the exit, she says, she prefers comfortable clothes.

 Julianne Moore: fifties - is just the beginning!
Photo: Michelangelo Di Battista, InStyle.com

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Author: Julia Gnedina