Kate Moss - the new face of Dior cosmetics
 While the media circulate news of the engagement of Kate Moss with rocker Jimmy Hince (a few days ago the model was seen with a large diamond ring on the ring finger), the main beauty-news featuring Kate least impressive. Moss knowingly appeared in Paris, not only for the betrothal, it signed an agreement with the most famous fashion brands in the world - Dior. That the credibility of the famous advertising model?

Do you remember that in October 2010, during the Paris fashion week has flown Photo glossy pages where Kate lipstick famous lipstick Dior Addict Lipstick, shade even identified - Charmed Pink No. 578. Advertisers Dior Beauté could not miss such an event, and so it became known that 37-year-old Kate Moss invited to become the new face of the brand makeup Dior Beauté, and advertise it will, of course, a line of lipstick Dior Addict lipstick (it already successfully started to do some more in October).

Advertising pages featuring Moss will appear in the May issue of gloss.

There remains one more a small intrigue. The fact that Kate is a fan of pink and pale shades of lipstick, while the advertising suggests lipstick bright and saturated colors (which are often selected models touting lipstick).

 Kate Moss - the new face of Dior cosmetics

Yes, and the Dior Addict lipstick product is associated with a rich red. After Dior Addict lipstick - a line of special products with bright shades of pigmented, creamy texture and resistant formula. In the line there are several sparkling shades that reflect light and effect similar to lip gloss. Maybe these shades will be on Kate's new advertising?

 Kate Moss - the new face of Dior cosmetics
Advertising Dior Addict lipstick, the left - lipstick on the right - a special line of High Shine (lipstick with gloss effect).

Author: Julia Gnedina