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Oleg Gazmanov: male Education
Seeing the actor on the stage, the audience could not help create a personal, his own image. This image, or as we say now, the image does not always coincide with a real person. However, if we talk about the national artist of Russia, singer, composer and poet Oleg Gazmanov, his stage persona is not very different from what it is in real life. And make sure that I was able, by talking to Oleg on the eve of International Women's Day.

17th hospital: firsthand
It so happened that in the maternity hospital number 17, we went to a party even in the middle of autumn, but the story of this event to present to the readers just now. However, the change of seasons - it is only external surroundings. After all, a tiny little man who chooses to be born, it does not matter exactly when it will happen. The main thing - it's ready, so ready to doctors, midwives, and nurses, and nurses - in short, all those who will help him to meet soon with his mother.

Boys and girls - the sons and daughters
Moscow City Clinical Hospital № 72 - it is a large complex, located in the west of the capital. Its membership includes the maternity ward - the tallest building of modern construction, whose windows and peaceful views of the park.

The stars of the favorite books
Each of us had a favorite childhood book, we have the same pleasure to reread many times. The desire to be like the main character of the brave and clever princess, overcoming obstacles, perpetrated by evil forces, traveling through mysterious worlds - nothing is impossible in this book can not be! She learns to be strong, do not be afraid of their own fantasies and simply distracts from pressing issues. About what books were read as a child star and how to instill in your child a love of reading, told well-known parents.

Pacifiers & Bottles
Many mothers joke: "Nipples and bottles - the first and most favorite toys of the child." Indeed, without these attributes, it is impossible to imagine a kid. How much feeding bottles? What should be the dummy? How to properly care for them? This was our regular "Practical skills".

Cheerful Gymnastics
With the advent of a child familiar family lifestyle changes completely. First of all young parents promptly reduced the amount of free time. Many mothers complain that they have to give up visits to the gym, because there is nobody to leave the child, and the splendor of the past figures can only dream about. However, experts World Class Lady's are sure to combine fitness and motherhood can be!

Gymnasium № 1514
Despite the fact that the learning process at school number 1514 are more than serious, and learn well here - the task is extremely difficult, the school comes in various rankings of the top public schools in Moscow and has so many great reviews that it is time to publish a huge encyclopedia!

One caring for two
Winter frosts and frequent changes in temperature and wind could not leave traces on our skin, and the skin of our babies. As a result, there were constant problems in the form of excessive dryness, dehydration, flaking and redness and to external stimuli. And adult, child and it gives serious discomfort, and so want to meet the spring with beautiful skin and a contented smile on his face. Daily Proper care will enable to win all skin problems.

Spring is coming, spring road!
On the eve of the spring so eager to throw off the heavy bored during the winter clothes positive charge and take care of their appearance. Is not it a reason to cast a critical eye her wardrobe and go shopping? It is time for everyone to show their beautiful pregnant belly and meet the spring really fashionable!

Hit list Ksenia Borodina
Despite the daily shooting in the popular reality show "Dom-2", many hours of training and performances in the project "Dancing with the Stars", she does not forget about his main life roles - a loving wife and mother little daughter Marousi. Therefore, the TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is a very modern and advanced parent, happily told us about the things that help her in child care.

Why do children need cod liver oil?
Previously, cod liver oil was considered the only way to prevent rickets - it did valuable vitamin D, which strengthens bone. But it turns out, the vitamins - is not the only bonus of fish oil: it also contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which provide a comprehensive and very positive impact on the body. With the normal diet to get these important fatty acids in the right quantities child simply can not. Why do they need?

Pregnancy at 16
The meeting with the heroine of this material until the last moment was in question. Never before us on the shooting did not come directly from the department of pathology of pregnancy. But Tatiana arrived. The fact that Tanya is not in a hospital for medical, but rather for social reasons. The girl is only 16 years old, her seventh month of pregnancy, and at home - a very strained relationship with his stepfather. Who often drinks.

Family weekend: Dreams Come True!
What every parent dreams? Of course, spend more time with their children: to travel together, go on trips, play and explore the world. Today, a good weekend and to make them for the whole family especially under the force of each. To do this, leave the noisy and bustling city and go for natural Yahonty resort, nestled in a unique picturesque corner of the suburbs, near the ancient city of Noginsk. Recently there been a popular singer and producer Sergei Zhukov and his wife Regina, a daughter and son Angel Nika.

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Author: Julia Gnedina