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On the cover - illusionist Sergei Safronov with his wife and daughter.

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A small miracle Sergei Safronov
Brothers Safronov prefigured illusionists on television: show incredible stunts in the "Wonder people," exam participants "Battle of psychics" on TNT, on tour in different cities and countries. It's amazing how the guys find time for a personal life? Talk about it, we decided with the most skeptical of them - Sergey Safronov. And the opportunity to meet was a good - not so long ago, Sergei married his girlfriend Masha, who bore him a daughter enchanting - Alina.

 Magazine "» № 3-2011
 The second parent
If no fairy godmother, Cinderella never would become a princess. So it would have stagnated in the ash from the furnace, sorting peas lentils. And even if you were born in the castle, it never hurts to have the Cross is not only highly spiritual people and responsible, but also influential. And this is particularly important in a world like cinema and show business. After all, there are many patrons do not happen.

 Magazine "» № 3-2011
 Excess weight during pregnancy
The problem of excess weight during pregnancy is concerned, most expectant mothers. So we decided to go back to the actual topic, and to dispel fears associated with it.

Get off!
Doctors usually categorical from the bath during pregnancy should be abandoned, they say. But in fact, this simple approach is not very justified. There are a huge number of women who regularly hike with friends in a bath is a tradition and an integral part of their healthy lifestyle. Do I have to give it up? For centuries in Russia and commoner queen gave birth in saunas and. in fact, it was only warm and clean place in the house where stuck and be born baby.

Calmness, only calmness!
Hormonal changes during pregnancy often results in the future mother in a state of emotional instability. Her mood changes for no apparent reason, there is irritability, which only get rid of the arbitrary decision fails.

 Magazine "» № 3-2011
 The third trimester of pregnancy
So begins the last trimester of pregnancy, which has its joys and difficulties. Despite the fact that at the time it is different from the previous two, psychologically it seems much longer: for my mother as soon as possible want to see their long-awaited baby.

SARS during pregnancy
Almost all expectant mothers once, but sick of acute respiratory viral infection. This is due to the general weakening of immunity, naturally pregnant. Vaccines that protect against influenza during pregnancy do not. Therefore, the main rule - to try to reduce the risk of infection: wear a bandage during epidemics and during his visit public places, do not forget about vitamin complexes for pregnant women, spend more time in the fresh air, eat right, not to worry and sleep well. But if the disease is still manifested itself, do not panic: SARS pathogens themselves are usually not afraid for the future of the child. Where backfire respiratory infection - intoxication, dehydration, metabolic disorders. With them and we will fight.

Women's Day
The eighth day of March - a holiday controversial. On the one hand, waiting for him to prepare for it, to congratulate him, trying to impress. On the other hand, many of the fair sex accept these greetings (especially female friends) with an ironic smile. About that, whether we need International Women's Day, we decided to ask students to leave school for training "new people."

 Magazine "» № 3-2011
 Cesarean section
Childbirth - a major step in the life of the mother and child. And the woman and the fetus preparing for this important event for 40 weeks. During this time, the expectant mother is undergoing significant change, whose meaning lies in the preparation of the forthcoming appearance of a baby into the world.

Breathing during labor
Childbirth - is work. And as in any other activity, whether it's playing the flute or meditation during childbirth is very important to breathe correctly. What for? Proper controlled breathing provides all the tissues with oxygen, helps to relax or, conversely, to mobilize at the right moments. It eases the pain and helps to distract and tune in a positive way. The main rule: any kind of breathing during labor, fast or slow, deep or shallow, should be smooth, at the maximum relaxation of the whole body.

Women after childbirth: the first hours, days, weeks ...
As you know, pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. During this period in a woman's body is gradually undergoing significant changes. And to all the organs and systems of the return to its previous state, which was prior to conception, too, it will take some time - an average of about one and a half to two months.

 Magazine "» № 3-2011
 First year: development stages
The first year - this is a unique time of life, when a child is absolutely helpless creature turns into a sensible, independent man of character and emotional type of behavior.

Adenoids: treat or cut?
In children, about half of ENT diseases constitute the adenoids - a pathological increase in pharyngeal tonsil. They mostly occur in children aged 3-10 years, but are also found in the first years of life, and after puberty

Pros and cons of Sling
Today, industry products for children offers new mothers a lot of high-tech "stuff." An illustrative example - stroller that play music themselves rocked the child and perform the functions of the simulator for Mom. But a huge number of mothers, on the other hand, if run from a modern civilization: take a long scarf, primatyvayut to his children - and more happiness for them nothing.

Sweet life of Angelica
Who among us does not love sweets? Crispy wafers, fragrant rolls, sweet chocolate, fruit jelly, "fancy" cakes - is almost impossible to resist! Is there a place in the diet of slimming desserts man? You can spoil the sweetness of the figure? This will be discussed with the popular singer, actress, model, TV presenter and mother of three children Angelica.

Also in this issue:   Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a lawyer, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news, events, opinion column, hits sales.

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