New from Carefree®: Incredible Lightness
 The freshness of the sea in the morning - a slight whiff of breeze and the play of sunlight refracted through the prism of trembling water surface ... The most poetic paintings come to life, surrounding sensual care and tenderness ... Experts brand Carefree®, again anticipating your desires, developed a new super-slim and light daily napkins with the telling name Carefree® Breeze.

Incredibly soft and thin, they repeat exactly the line of your body, take care of you, as a pearl of great price. Carefree® Breeze is so delicate that you can forget about their presence. Special adhesive coating wipes securely locks them into linen, not allowing them to wrinkle and stray. Novelty permanently retains morning feeling of freshness and prevents odors within 8 hours.

Experts Carefree® have taken care of that each pearl was unique: Depending on individual preferences, you can choose a suitable option - sanitary napkins odorless or scented (Lemon Verbena with light notes of verbena or Fresh Blossom a subtle floral aroma). Finally Carefree® Breeze will amaze you not only quality, but also an attractive price.

Recommended retail price Carefree® Breeze (20 pcs.) - 34 rubles.

 New from Carefree®: Incredible Lightness

Born in the arms of mother-of-pearl is elegant and gentle;
Marine blow obedient, uplifting and splashing wave ...
Coolness awakening shadow sunset ... invisible, fleeting and light,
You are shrouded in the morning freshness shrill and full of joy ...

Author: Julia Gnedina