Nicole Kidman said she was very worried because of the gap with Tom Cruise
 Despite the fact that the history of divorce, one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples took a long time, it continues to interest journalists and us, the viewers. Nicole Kidman talked about marriage with Tom.

Interview with Nicole appears in the March issue of British Marie Claire, the heroine of which she has become.

Kidman in an interview said that the end of a 10-year marriage to actor Tom Cruise left a very bad mark on her soul. She was so depressed, I was not sure that she can be more once some serious relationship with a man. "Of course, I never thought that I have a baby at 41, - says Kidman - but we never know what awaits us around the corner."

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise became a couple in 1989. Nicole said: "Of course, I knew he was a star, but when the relationship becomes closer, it is all erased. Between ourselves we perceive each other not as an actor but as ordinary people. "

Their marriage lasted 10 years, for a long time by Hollywood standards. "Yes, it's a good term - confirms Nicole - especially if you're getting married in 23 years. We had a good marriage, intimate relationship. That was great! ".

 Nicole Kidman said she was very worried because of the gap with Tom Cruise
Photo: Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic

After her divorce from Cruise, actress attempted to himself again in marriage. In 2001, she married the Australian pop singer Keith Urban. Nicole says that he never thought to marry one, and even more so, for two famous people. "I never wanted to be famous. But I always come out to marry only for love. For me, love is very important. I can out of love to drop everything and change everything ... ".

Nicole Kidman nominated for an Oscar this year for her role in «Rabbit Hole». Those who watched the film, impressed by this poignant role of Nicole. The film tells the story of how a married couple trying to survive the loss of a child. And Nicole plays very much, judging by the critics. Maybe here and it guessed her personal story. After two children, which was adopted by a couple Kidman-Cruise, after the divorce remained to live with Tom and Nicole very worried about this. Even despite the fact that it is now the other children.

Author: Julia Gnedina