Too young for makeup? And how much is it?
 All girls dream of as a child began to paint. In the mystery of her mother's lipstick try, sometimes blush and shadow. When the modern schoolgirl start to apply daily meykap?

Publication Experian Market Research (USA) resulted in the following figures. It turns out that in America, 43% of girls between 6 and 9 years of use lipstick or lip gloss, and 38% of girls under 9 years of product use and styling of hair.

Of course, these studies a bit impressed me. In our time, it was a bit different. Schoolgirls could just fly over the shadows and even earrings. Then I decided to find out, maybe I'm hopelessly behind the times? She called her friend, a primary school teacher. She says that among her students now there are girls who use lip gloss and even mascara cilia.

Is not it too early? All I think. As for me, I think that even nine years - it is too early for makeup. Up to nine - even more so. Some of my colleagues have said that they have started to use make-up in 13 years, but many people - up to 16.

So I was born the idea to ask you, our readers. And what do you think: When using makeup is too early?   It is interesting that you are responsible. Write in the comments to this entry.

Photo: Model Sasha Pivovarova in one of last year's photo shoots for glossy. Well, a very bad makeup !!!

Author: Julia Gnedina