Clean & Clear gives you a morning energy!
 In anticipation of a wonderful spring holiday - March 8 - Clean & Clear has prepared a stunning surprise that will please you or become a wonderful present for your friends. Do not wait to find out what it is? Stylish gift set, which includes two unique new products - facial scrub and moisturizing emulsion "Morning Energy"!

If you dream about superfunds that in the morning to take care of the freshness of your skin and give you a charge of vivacity, daily Scrub "Morning Energy" from Clean & Clear   - What you need! He carefully exfoliate dead skin cells and deeply cleanses pores, and its colored microgranules Bursting Beads charge you with vivacity for the whole day.

After an intensive cleansing it's time to take care of the natural beauty of the skin! Look for 100% and literally radiate energy to help the unusual moisturizer that gives skin freshness, and you - the incredible courage. New moisturizing emulsion "Morning Energy" from Clean & Clear   specifically designed for your skin has always been gentle and soft, and because of the unique mikrochastichkam agent gives the skin a natural glow and healthy look.

 Clean & Clear gives you a morning energy!

Both products are included in the set of the Clean & Clear, contain vitamin C and ginseng extract to refresh and energize the skin, making it even more attractive. The tool has a pleasant citrus scent that charges vigor for the new active day. A cheerful orange packaging, made in a stylish modern design, gives you a good mood! Admit it, it's a wonderful gift to the day of March 8!

The recommended retail price - 330 rubles.

Author: Julia Gnedina