Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011
 At the end of the Week of the Paris can sum up the results. In the heat of scandal would not forget the most important thing - the work of makeup artists, art directors, designers, models. We already wrote about the make-up of "metallic" by Chanel, but other displays provide "food for thought".

One of the critics called Paris last week a bit boring in terms of make-up. But no, it was just reserved and applicable for everyday makeup. The color used in the whole reasonable and hairstyles were natural, light, with a touch of "French chic" as they were dubbed by observers. Still would! It's Paris, he penetrates his spirit all that there is.

Make-up Fall-2011: the best

Nicest way

Presented show Nina Ricci. Style and glamor, light hair, a few strands pulled back into poluuzel, soft matte lips and a warm natural eye makeup.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011
  Nina Ricci

The most interesting eye makeup
Lanvin presented not quite the cat's eyes, not quite "Smokey" quite modern synthesis.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011

The most harmonious way
Showing Chloe opted 70th: loose hair, neutral lip accented eyes, which are relevant for any season and any time of day.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011

Most French way
Of course, this is Chanel. At this time, we pay attention not so much on graphite shadow and nail polish metallic as the surprisingly natural hair, pulled back in a loose knot elegant.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011

The strangest way
Surprised by Viktor & Rolf. Red face - whether parody allergenic cosmetics, or a reminder that every woman should be a little shy ...

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011
  Viktor & Rolf

Best use of color
Makeup artists Vionnet pleased with the combination of bright, rich colors. Girls like based Dymkovo toys: bright pink blush, orange lip color eye shadow. On pale skin looks fresh and harmonious.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011

Best theater
Of course, the show Mugler, where Lady Gaga herself came to the podium, distinguished by strong images. Girls model looked like birds, emphasizing the ideas of the designer Mugler.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011
  Tierri Mugler

The best way to get the wrinkles
This is not about makeup. It's about the strangeness of the Paris Week. Against the background of the fact that in those days the United Kingdom, for example, introduces a ban on the public sale of tobacco (ie, is now in stores cigarettes can not be found on sale, you will have to ask them at the seller and he will be their reach, as it were from the counter), in Paris, still smoking are very liberal. And even afford to go out with a cigarette on a podium. And do not even simple models, and celebrities, from which many take an example. Lady Gaga came out with a cigarette on the show Mugler, as Kate Moss - fashion show at Louis Vuitton. Okay, let the girls do with their health, what they want, but we must warn: Smoking - the easiest way to lung cancer and wrinkles.

 Paris Fashion Week: Make-up Fall-2011

Author: Julia Gnedina