Protection of appeal up to 48 hours with new deodorants Samay
 The heady sensuality, sparkling lightness, refined elegance - from the captivating power of female attractiveness there are lots of different guises. Lifting the veil of secret beauty rituals, Camay, well known for its collections of shower gels and soaps is new deodorants included in the collection of funds for skin care Dynamique.

Deodorants from the collection of Camay Dynamique envelop magical aroma protecting your attractiveness to 48 hours. Due to the unique BCD technology they absorb rather than mask the smell of sweat. This technology uses thermal radiation your body, activating molecules that absorbirut smell of sweat and give a fresh, enchanting aroma Dynamique wave of Camay.

Deodorants on the Camay Dynamique absorbed invigorating bouquet of ripe grapefruit flavored fragrance of the summer garden and the crystal purity of the early morning. This tart, bitter and invigorating fragrance conveys the nature of women Dynamique: cheerful, energetic, always open to new experiences.

 Protection of appeal up to 48 hours with new deodorants Samay

Every woman - is unique, like a unique work of art, and each has its own habits and preferences. That is why deodorants from Camay is available in three different forms: spray and stick and roll. Now everyone can choose the deodorant that is right for her.

The collection Dynamique, in addition to the deodorant, includes body lotion, shower gel and scented soap, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of grapefruit and light textures during the shower and after it. Treat yourself to a fabulous collection of funds from Dynamique, you thought through every detail of their way of conquering the surrounding beauty. Even the great Michelangelo, who knew a lot about female beauty, claimed that perfection is made up of little things.

Samay. Captivates every feature.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila