Scientists have discovered why women begin to actively engage themselves after 30 years
 To be exact, 31 years - it's the line, clicking which women are beginning to build up its arsenal of means to care for face and body. 40 years - a time when almost all women go for anti-age care. And scientists have given an explanation of these figures in our lives.

As it does not sound cynical, but the culprit ... our mothers. Women are beginning to engage in a harder, when they see that turn into their mothers. This becomes obvious example for the majority of very strong incentive. And there comes a period of comparison, we find more and more things in common with our mothers, at age 31. And 40 we see it very clearly.

This is the opinion of scholars. Dear Mom, I'm sorry! But we do not want to look like you.

Tell me, do you agree with the results of this study? Just let us frankly. It is understood that the mother does not want to offend. But maybe this is true?


Author: Julia Gnedina