A healthy scalp - the first step to beautiful hair
 Many know that sensitive skin requires especially careful treatment. After all, she is so sweet and vulnerable, that it instantly recognized all adverse environmental effects. Itching, peeling, redness - just a few of the problems faced by the owners of this type of skin.

But if the sensitive skin of the face and body every day we pamper various protective and moisturizing creams, something about the sensitive scalp, we often simply forget. But it requires much attention! Change of temperature, wind, poor environment, dry air in the room - this is not the best way affects the condition of the scalp. Its barrier properties deteriorate, resulting in peeling may occur, and the hair becomes brittle.

Shampoo head & shoulders for sensitive scalp   It will help you cope with this problem! He will return your hair to energy, health and beauty, caring not only for them but also for the scalp.

The formula shampoo head & shoulders for sensitive scalp   It has been designed for maximum gentle care for sensitive skin: it is composed of aloe vera, known for its unique effects on the skin. The shampoo contains no dyes and carefully selected ingredients provide a deep cleansing but gentle cleansing.

 A healthy scalp - the first step to beautiful hair

Patented head & shoulders   ActiZinc formula gently and effectively take care of sensitive skin by preventing moisture loss and protecting it from dirt and bacteria and also helps get rid of dandruff. By eliminating the irritation and dryness of the scalp, it returns to hair health and vitality - all of that provides them with natural beauty.

Head & shoulders Caring for sensitive scalp   It makes the hair beautiful, improving the condition of the scalp.

Thanks head & shoulders   you can be sure that your hair is well protected from the roots to the tips, and the scalp is - whatever it was sensitive - receive the necessary care and moisturizing. After all, a healthy scalp - the basis of hair beauty!

Author: MyJane.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila