Features LG refrigerators completed the study Clinic Institute of Nutrition
 LG Electronics has announced that the functions of refrigerators LG Total No Frost were tested Clinic Institute of Nutrition. Studies have proved that these products are refrigerated fresh and healthy as long as possible. Storing food in LG refrigerators recommended by the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

For the first time the subject of investigation Clinic Institute of Nutrition were not the products themselves, and feature refrigerators, allowing you to keep useful properties of the products. The observations were made for 7 days, and the measurements were taken not only before and after the products have been placed in a refrigerator, but also during storage. The data were also compared with the results of storing food in refrigerators from other manufacturers are not equipped with matching functions. Studies have demonstrated that LG refrigerators with the system Total No Frost excellent job with the storage of products as much as possible conserving their beneficial properties.

There were tested 8 features refrigerators LG - Moist Balance Crisper, quick-freeze function, Miracle Zone, Vita-Light, Vitamin Plus, Vacuum Fresh, Opti-Temp Zone and cooling system LG Total No Frost.

 Features LG refrigerators completed the study Clinic Institute of Nutrition

Moist Balance Crisper
Special mesh surface of the lid compartment for fruit and vegetables, through which the condensate collects in the "cells" and misses for products to optimize the moisture level. Vegetables and fruits retain the right amount of moisture, as well as its appearance and taste.

Miracle Zone
This separation allows you to adjust the temperature of the storage of products without freezing them, which also contributes to a long-term preservation of vitamins and minerals.

Department for vegetables with a system based on the use of diode emitter, allows for longer Remember in products vitamin C, and moisture.

Vitamin Plus
The device emits vitamin C slows the oxidation and fermentation compartment for storing fruits and vegetables. This allows you to store vegetables in 2, 5 times longer, saving not only their appearance and taste, but also of their useful properties.

Vacuum Fresh
This unique device creates a favorable environment for the storage of fruits and vegetables, reducing the intensity of the oxidation process due to pumping air from vegetable compartment. Your products remain not only fresh, but also useful!

Storage compartments in such a refrigerator LG, as the Vita Light, Vitamin Plus, Moist Balance Srisper, Vacuum Fresh, provides a stable content of carotenoids in tomato fruit and yellow sweet pepper in the period from 1 to 7 days.

Fast freeze function

The faster the freezing process, the more crystals formed and the smaller their size, which contributes to a uniform distribution in cells and tissues without causing significant damage to cell membranes. Thus, the function allows you to keep quick-frozen foods in the freezer compartment, avoid distorting the structure of tissues and loss of nutrients.

Opti-Temp Zone
For vegetables, meat and fish stay fresh for a long time and helpful in refrigerators LG Total No Frost also provides Opti-Temp Zone with two temperature modes - two degrees for vegetables and fruits, -1 degree - for meat and fish. This area provides a long-term storage of products without having to freeze them.

Cooling System LG Total No Frost
Special design mounted in the refrigerator, provides samorazmorazhivaniya process and multithreading technology blower Multi-Air Flow does not allow to accumulate excess moisture and promotes uniform cooling of the refrigerator and freezer. With the system Total No Frost you forget to unfreeze and products can have on the entire working volume of the refrigerator, including the door - without risking to spoil them.

Through the research, proved the effectiveness of the innovative features of refrigerators LG Total No Frost, buyers no longer need to believe "in the word" appliance manufacturers. The guarantor of their health and nutrition have become the findings of experts.

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Author: Julia Gnedina