Gap changed my mind to change the logo
 Not long ago, the leadership of the British clothing brand Gap announced that it intends to change the logo, and even posted on his blog a new version of the logo, inviting users to comment on the innovations. The result - the new logo have to give.

All in the same social network Facebook, which was first reported on the redesign of the logo, the other day there was a new message to the brand page. It says: "Okay. We heard you, you do not like the new logo. So we decided to go back to the old version. We do this for our customers and fans of the brand. We go back to our blue square. "

However, the company says it will seek new ways to update and modernize the brand. And all the familiar logo of a blue square with the letters «Gap» will reappear on all things brand.

Perhaps this is the first time in the history of the rebranding, when he had to abandon the new design, back to the old, "at the request of the workers."

Here on the logo (right) had to be abandoned:

 Gap changed my mind to change the logo

Author: Julia Gnedina