How to apply oil to the skin
 Tips to use the oil for the skin occur more and more often. The industry also has mastered this product and cosmetics stores in skin oils can be found in a wide variety. And how to use this tool for skin care?

One of the main secrets of the use of body oils - it should be used on the wet skin . It is much more efficient than doing it on dry skin. This application will allow the oil to be absorbed more easily and evenly and give the skin additional moisture.

Water allows the oil to penetrate better into the skin surface. In addition, oil consumption will be much more economical, you need less of the product for a good moisture than if you apply oil to dry skin.

For the body, it is best to use the oil directly from the shower. Lightly pat the skin, then apply a massage oil on the body.

Oil should be applied to the face after washing. At the same time, oil is better absorbed (this usually works for body) and will effectively act on warm skin, so before using the oil wash with warm water and a little warm the skin.

Author: Julia Gnedina