How to remove the odor of perfume from the skin of the body?
 Selecting a fragrance - a fascinating process. Many of us like to come to your favorite perfume shop, throttled probe, go home and feel the enchanting notes. When the choice was a success - it is a great joy, and we rush back to the counter to indulge in buying. But what if you do not like the smell?

When the smell is not good, you want as quickly as possible to get rid of. But he pursues, and it seems that every thing smells reminiscent of the haunting fragrance.

Can I remove the perfume with our skin? Actually, there are a few tips:

- Clean the place where you spray perfume, alcohol.   This is most likely one of the known methods of odor removal. But it can not be called universal. And the smell is not any leaves and the skin is dried and irritated. However, the first thing that you can try. If there is no alcohol, fit and vodka. Moisten a cotton swab and wipe a skin site which falls on perfume.

- Deodorant + Washing powder.   Do not be surprised such a strange combination of very good "work." First take unscented deodorant and treat the skin area to which applied not favorite perfume. Then rinse the skin with a solution of washing powder (preferably, if the powder is also fragrance free).

- Paste of soda.   Make a thick composition of soda and warm water. They must take in equal amounts. Put makeup on the skin. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with warm water (not hot!).

- Vinegar (light) + olive oil.   This is another recipe from funds that have in every kitchen. We need to do a mixture of vinegar and olive oil, rub the skin area, wait 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. After a neutral soap.

Author: Julia Gnedina