Sewing contest "insulate tasteful"
 Colder, and winter is not far off ... Is it time to insulate? invites all to a sewing contest "insulate with taste."

All we perceive the robe, as the usual things that are indispensable in the cold rain and the off-season, winter cold, summer and even in bad weather Do not leave home without a jacket or coat.

Outerwear appeared in ancient times, but she looked a bit different. First coats were sleeveless and clasp served as one single button.

Nowadays there are a huge variety of shapes and silhouettes.
Different types of buckles, pockets, collars, seams, cut hoses, belts, Pata, strap and other details to help you create a unique image. You can use different materials top (not only the fabric but also knit, artificial and natural leather and fur), even the lining can be a highlight of your things.

 Sewing contest "insulate tasteful"

And that's about exactly which part of your tender gives the personality, and why and you have to describe in a few words.
The main condition for participation is that you need to describe how you sewed this detail. You can make a step by step pictures of the process with a brief description or simply described in words (in this case necessarily at least one photo of the process).

 Sewing contest "insulate tasteful"

Applications will be accepted from 1 to 15 October .
The contest will run until November 15, I.

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Author: Julia Gnedina