The contest "Planet Cuisine"
 Imagine that you can every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in different countries around the world. You do not need to choose where to start: you have time to try everything. Do you think it's impossible? Look at your kitchen. There is not only the fruit of the native garden, there is a spice native to the Caucasus Mountains, sauces and cheeses, cooked by European recipes (do not look at Russian label), gifts and fruit of northern seas with the burning of plantations. All the people of the world speak the same language, while they are in the kitchen, because the art of cooking any language understood (in all senses).

There is a man who never in his life did not try to cook Italian pizza from scrap products, or never eat another kebab, besides the traditional lamb. Meat in French the whole world is preparing for a long time as the French chef and never dreamed of. Russian salad abroad flavored herring and pine nuts, and it seems such a gourmet taste of our cuisine. Ukrainian borscht - a signature dish half Russian housewives. Just as the Uzbek pilaf, and if pilaf for some reason can not, any housewife knows how to use a small amount of time and money to turn it into an Italian risotto and Spanish paella. The appetite knows no borders, the language understood by the taste of all human beings.

Women's social network   and Philips brand   We are pleased to announce a new joint call "Planet Cuisine." Starting today and until November 8, 2010 on the site will be a banquet, organized by the members in the fight for valuable prizes. Together with you and your culinary delights we'll take a culinary tour in just a month. We ask you another look at your kitchen. We want to inspire you to a festive meal of any national cuisines. Whether you are cooking all his life, or just read the recipe today. The dish can be traditional or rare, but it should be a holiday. Dish necessarily be available or too expensive: the choice is up to the hostess. We also do not require compliance with a textbook recipe: fantasy is acceptable, however, for example, rice pilaf is to be, not a failed risotto.

It will be assessed the mood of your entries: the dish should be appetizing, cooking it interesting, we also welcome the national colors in the design and serving.

Author of the best recipe   will receive from the Philips brand steamer HD9140 / 30

 The contest "Planet Cuisine"

Steamer HD9140 / 30 is extremely convenient and easy to use: Light topping allows water to add water during the cooking process, and automatic shutdown immediately notify that the device is not water, it makes it absolutely safe. The food is steamed, useful and recommended for all without exception. Steaming helps to preserve consistency of the natural colors of the products, as well as the presence of these vitamins. Steamed meals have easy and low-calorie, since the double boiler cooking process takes place without the fat and oil free and fat contained in the products themselves and evaporated. Products, steamed contain a maximum of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C and A, which are the custodians of beauty and health of our body.

The prize for second place   Blender Philips HR1367

 The contest "Planet Cuisine"

Philips HR1367 Blender combines the functions of a blender, a mixer and a food processor and allows you to prepare meals of varying complexity without the need for other devices. Thanks to the power of 600 W and a turbo mode, the device can easily transform any ingredients into a homogeneous mass that is the consistency that is needed. Whisk perfect for whipping cream, proteins and liquid pancake dough. A measuring cup will help to accurately calculate the amount of necessary ingredients.

The author of the material, who took third place Receive Kettle Philips HD4665

 The contest "Planet Cuisine"

Automatic kettle of stainless steel, 1 liter 7
Robust metal kettle with automatic shut-off at boiling water and lighting. Nylon filter prevents particles from entering into the cup scale. Double-sided water level indicators for left-handers and right-handers, stand with 360 ° rotation for easy installation and removal.

The contest will be held under article "Cooking" women's social network special category "Planet Cuisine." Take part in the competition will be able to all registered users of the network To participate in the competition recipes festive national dishes, prepared according to the rules of the contest.

Detailed rules of the competition

Author: Julia Gnedina