Face protection from dryness in the winter
 You are planning to celebrate New Year in the country? Or go to Holiday on New Year's holidays? Or going with children to spend more time on the street? Our tips will help protect your skin from winter dryness and flaking.

And everything is very simple:

• Do not wash your face in the morning.   You just deprive your skin of natural protective layer. It is enough to wash at night. If you absolutely can not do without water - it just rinse your face. A better winter days to replace the water with detergents moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E.

• For the evening washing, use a soft gels Not containing soap. They are easy to recognize, such as a rule, less foam.

• Moisturizer for dry skin should contain:   hyaluronic acid, glycerol, better if it is shea butter. If cream is insufficient, then buy moisturizing serum, these agents have a higher concentration of moisturizing ingredients.

• exfoliate your skin once a week . Then the moisture will be more effective. If you are used to exfoliate the salon, then chemical peeling using lactic acid is most suitable for dry skin.

• Keep with additional protection.   For outdoor activities will not be superfluous to have a balsam stick. It helps dot moisturize very dry skin areas (eg cheek places around the lips), if necessary.

• If there is redness and inflammation of the stay on the winter air Then use twice a day, 1 percent hydrocortisone ointment. If after 2 weeks the problem persists - consult a doctor.

Author: Julia Gnedina