Fancy a collection of brilliant shades in four stunning textures - update line of Pure Color by Estee Lauder
 "Shadows in the make-up - is what gives women confidence, makes a fateful way. New Pure Color shadow of a completely new texture incredibly sensual, I love them! They are my favorite creations" - Tom Pesho

Estee Lauder and creative director of makeup Tom Pesho changes the perception of color with a stunning new collection of eye shadow incredibly sensual eye makeup. Persistent pigments netuskneyuschaya formula and four different textures combined with rich saturated colors allow you to create different unique images. Whether it is a neutral makeup and bright expressive image of this exquisite collection is amazing incredibly sumptuous color and reflects the latest trends in makeup. Immerse yourself in the magical world of colors, enjoying the rich shades of antique gold, smoky graphite or sweet sugar ... with new shadows Pure Color.

Luxury shades

• Exclusive True Vision ™ technology helps to achieve an incredibly intense color.
• crystalline polymer provides a ultranasyschenny color with the first application.
• One mosaic concluded shades that are suitable for all skin colors.
• Mixing shades of a single mosaic, you can create different images.

Four new textures

Matt or shiny, three-dimensional texture of the new collection of shadows instantly make eyes expressive.
Matte finish:   tiny deep black pigments and ultrasoft textures.
The soft glow:   exquisite light shine and translucent coating.
Intensive radiance:   prismatic reflective particles and luxurious shimmer.
Ultrablesk:   pearly particles of different shapes and rich color.

Unique high-tech formula

• Innovative light-reflecting particles provide exclusive ultraroskoshnoe shine.
• The ability to vary the intensity of the colors from subtle to bright theater. It can be used alone or mixed shades for a unique makeup.
• The combination of spherical and smooth powdery particles allows for perfectly smooth application.
• Intensive formula that does not tarnish or rolls and is not showered.

Modern luxury design

• Glossy golden package with a large monogram.
• Built-in mirror for easy application.
• New user-friendly applicator suitable for all textures.
• The applicator is capable of applying shadow on the entire eyelid in one motion.
• The micropores contribute to the smooth application of the applicator.

Shades of new shadows Pure Color EyeShadow

 Fancy a collection of brilliant shades in four stunning textures - update line of Pure Color by Estee Lauder

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila