Four Tips for healthy hair
 Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. The secret is simple: food, care, cleanliness ... Maybe it's corny, but that "works"!

1. Choose the right products for your hair type.   Just as we are very selective about the choice of cream, we also need to choose hair products. It is necessary to consider not only the condition of the hair, but also the condition of the scalp. For example, if you have dry scalp, oily hair but then just shampoo for oily hair will be very hard against the scalp. Better in this case to experiment and choose a more gentle complex for sensitive skin.

2. Wash your hair regularly, not too often . On the one hand, we have to remove all the dirt from the hair, the other - does not affect the natural protective layer of the scalp and hair. So wash every two days - the best option. Never wash with hot water, only warm.

3. If using a hair dryer for drying - it protects hair   Special thermal protection sprays and mousses. Do not over-dry hair. If you will not take your time, then dry the hair dryer hair is not up to the end, even if slightly damp hair dosohnut naturally.

4. Nutrition and proper balanced diet is as important . Your meal should contain protein, minerals and vitamins. You can include in the diet and some vitamin complex, but it does not mean that from the right foods should be discarded. Chicken, turkey, salmon - it is necessary to hair protein, fish - is the Omega-3, fruits and vegetables - are vitamins.


Author: Julia Gnedina