How to get better during the Christmas feasts
 It is virtually impossible! - Says the majority of women. - Extra kilogram or two (and often is 3-5 kg) still appear during the Christmas and New Year feasts. Then at least we make this addition is not so critical.

- First, do not eat anything fried crust. On the festive table is usually enough other food. Choose the color of the food .... Brown and his shades rule. Visit the colorful products, it may be vegetables and salmon. Most of these snacks (vegetable or salmon) are low-calorie.

- New Year's dress should be fitting. Then you clearly feel when you have enough. Psychologists say that an open and sexy dress does not allow its owner has a lot of. Such is the focus.

- Third, avoid cocktails. Especially sweet. For example, with a white martini cocktails have up to 300 calories, while the wine - 120. More advice: choose less of alcoholic drinks delicious. For example, whiskey. Although they are high in calories, but they drink a lot of difficult - will sip the evening a little bit. Although, clearly, it is better to give up alcohol altogether. Green tea or lemon drink to give pleasure, no less!

Author: Julia Gnedina