How to meet the Christmas and New Year in different countries
 Are you wondering what the tradition of the Christmas meeting there with our close and distant neighbors? Many of them have already met Christmas, but we just have to. Therefore, for us until Christmas and New Year traditions are relevant.

Czech Republic . In the Czech Republic and neighboring Slovakia, there is an ancient tradition for some time before Christmas cut cherry twigs and put in water. If the branch blooms just for Christmas, it is a good sign, it means that the new year will bring good luck. As well as the cherry blossom branches means that winter will be short, and early spring.

Iraq . In this Muslim country, too, there are Christians. We Iraqi Christians, too, have their own traditions. For example, one of them is this: a huge bonfire is lit from the bush thorns. If all the branches will be burned to the ground, it is a sign of good luck in the new year. Once the fire burns out, you need to jump over the ashes three times, then the wish will be granted.

Netherlands.   Here it is taken to put children's shoes nuts and candy. If the kid behaved well in the past year, all of his shoes to be filled with sweets filled.

The Nordic countries . Until now, many Scandinavians believe that Christmas night evil thoughts roam the earth. Therefore, it is this night not made to sleep alone. Even the servants slept that night with their owners in the same room or in the hayloft.

Japan . The Japanese, as we celebrate the New Year in a retracted home. All day on the eve of the New Year have to go to the most beautiful clothes, even during cleaning. The head of the family bypasses all corners of the house, throwing dried beans, which ward off evil spirits. And the whole family follows the head of the family and accompanies him during the ritual.

Do you have a family tradition of meeting Christmas and New Year? Maybe you tell?

Author: Julia Gnedina