New autumn trend for women - men's suit
 One of the most notable trends of autumn-winter season of 2010 - the so-called "costume boyfriend." Podiums confirm. Fashion Celine, Marc Jacobs, Chloe did not do without men's elegant costumes. Here are just a question of how to choose and how to wear a new trend?

The new trend gives us women to make their way very memorable. There's something incredibly sexy game on the contrast: a graceful female figure in clothes with simple lines male. This brings to mind masters Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen, who made men's suit attribute of luxury and unique woman.

 New autumn trend for women - men's suit

The most successful part of the male wardrobe that looks good on any woman - is, of course, a vest. By the same successful discoveries include double-breasted blazer and trousers with a high waist and hands. However, if you simply put on a sport coat over his friend - it will not look stylish, agree. It is better if you roll up your sleeves, it will give negligent chic.

Another tip - a suit, though the men, but its size must match your. Otherwise, you'll look like a square aunt. Trend "Men's suit" does not mean men's size!

 New autumn trend for women - men's suit
Marc Jacobs

Be sure to add to the male costume typically feminine details - a brooch, scarf, jewelry.

You can restrict only the top male trend, combining men's jacket and vest with a terse pencil skirt.

Feminine blouse and a man's suit - exact hit in style!

 New autumn trend for women - men's suit

On vacation, you can also dress in men's trend: knitted sweater rough, soft wool trousers, felt hat.

Find the husband or dad a good pair of cufflinks - it will add glamor to your blouse and will match the trend. And if you are brave enough - and then watch on a chain will not interfere.

Author: Julia Gnedina