Use a toothbrush in the service of beauty
 We buy toothbrushes often enough. Sometimes when you just want to change, and not when the brush has served its time. And rightly so: the brush, which we brush our teeth, must be new, with a good, not the worn bristles. But if you throw the old sorry - that it can be adapted for other purposes and beauty care products.

We offer 4 exciting field of application to use a toothbrush:

- Exfoliate lip. Simply massage the lips with a toothbrush. To alleviate the procedure for using any oil, Vaseline, lip balm. Such a mixture of good olive oil, lemon juice, honey and sugar. The result? Soft and smooth lips.

- Exfoliate for elbows and knees. The skin in these areas tend to be more rough and dry, so in need of more intensive exfoliation. The remaining part of the body, especially the face peel toothbrush is not recommended.

- Care eyebrows. If you have unruly brows and thick, then use a toothbrush to help. Apply a little Vaseline on her or oil (you can also hairspray) and "lay" brow as you need.

- Cleaning combs. Just wash with soap and comb as usual, helping the toothbrush. No bacteria or dirt! Guaranteed!

Author: Julia Gnedina