Caring for dry skin
 In winter, even normal skin dries. And what can we say about dry and prone to dryness! Makeup cause problem skin sore, scaly, portitsyai mood to go out do not want to. Let's fight this together. offers simple tips.

1. Try natural oils for the skin.   You do not need too much, otherwise the skin will be to shine. Optimally - buy vitamin E oil and 2-3 drops applied to wet skin or add a moisturizer.

2. Try products containing cocoa butter.   In addition to the best greasy consistency such products have a pleasant odor, affecting as aromatherapy skin, eliminating it from dryness.

3. Avoid hot water.   Although it is cold in the winter it would be desirable to lie in a hot bath or wash with hot water, it is not necessary to do so. Water, as well as in the summer, should be warm but not hot. Hot further dry up your skin.

4. Click the liquid soap (gel, mousse) with moisturizing ingredients.   Ordinary soap or gel, leave for the summer.

5. Do not forget about enough water inside . It takes into account water, not coffee and tea.

6. Include in the diet of the right foods.   We need, primarily containing healthy fats and oils. Buy avocados sometimes, do not forget the olive oil, flaxseed, nuts. Looking as apples, blackberries, tomatoes, grapes, citrus fruits. Do not forget to drink enough milk (average fat content).

Author: Julia Gnedina