Five pre-holiday trouble, and how to fight it
 Calendar counts down the last week of the old year. Ahead - a long-awaited New Year holidays, which we all expect. You will be able to wander through the snow-covered park, chat with multiple friends, go to the movies or to the exhibition, and finally, just lie on the couch with a book. The main thing is that these plans are not sweet were destroyed unexpected troubles with health. As often overshadows holiday?

Colds.   Spend the holidays in bed? Anyone who dreams about it, hardly mean that the company they will be coughing, runny nose, the patient's head and the heat . ... Prevent colds sorts that punctually annoy us every winter, it helps to strengthen the body's defenses .  Boost immunity can use, such as tincture of echinacea or Theraflu Immuno, just start taking them, it is desirable not New Year's Eve, and advance .  Also, increase immune protection helps vitamin C, it can help to quickly cope with the disease if you take it in a loading dose at the first sign of a cold .  It is important to remember that a big role in the prevention of colds also plays a healthy lifestyle, however, to follow him in the pre-holiday fuss is not so easy .  Try to get out for a walk more often: pathogenic viruses that cause colds, accumulate in a warm room, and in the cold die quickly, so the air is really clean in the winter, at least from infection .  And do not forget about the need to humidify the air in the apartment: it is too dry batteries, because of which the mucosa can not perform its protective function and viruses making their way deeper into the body . 

Toothache.   Suddenly sick tooth in our time can only be a man who long ago gave up on their health. Because the trouble is not properly treated and prevented. It's enough to visit the dentist twice a year, as well as all the experts advise. Those who forgot when was visiting the doctor, and do not want to expose the "tooth" danger of their vacation is to visit a doctor in the time remaining before the holiday. Analgesics, even if they are as Nurofen, effectively relieve pain for a few hours, just to help you live up to the moment when your dentist will receive. Another way to prevent toothache simply does not exist in the world. Keep in mind that dentists have a rest together with the entire country within ten days, and outpatient clinics in the New Year holidays for the most part closed.

Stress . Folk wisdom "All diseases of the nerves" modern medicine recognizes fully and unconditionally. The paradox is that stress to the body are not only unpleasant, but also joyful events. So that the nervous system can not stand the suspense and New Year holiday hassle. Quickly to cope with stress, whether that was his reason for helping natural sedatives. And do not worry that you can sleep because of them the whole holiday. For example, Perseus does not cause daytime sleepiness and reduced attention span, so it allows to actively participate in the preparation of the festival, as well as in its direct holding.

Digestive problems.   The best prevention of gastrointestinal trouble is, of course, a healthy diet .  But given our Christmas traditions, to talk about it during the holiday does not have to .  Before the New Year, we are usually so busy that barely managed to intercept a sandwich .  But the feast of the deviate in full, enjoying the abundance of delicacies .  In such extreme react very badly to the intestinal flora responsible for digestion .  The result is intestinal dysbiosis, which is manifested by diarrhea, bloating and other .  Symptomatic drugs in such cases bring only temporary relief, and to solve the problem radically, need to restore the microflora in all parts of the intestine .  This can be done through a set of beneficial bacteria included, in particular, in the preparation of natural dysbiosis Linex .  If not promptly with dysbiosis understand what could suffer not only digestion, but also worsen the condition of skin, hair and nails and weaken the immune system with all the ensuing consequences

Acne.   You can arbitrarily long time to convince myself that suddenly sprang up in plain pimple - it is not the reason for the tragedy and the abolition of the upcoming holiday. But in fact, with such a defect is simply impossible to feel confident in any company of friends or on a night out. And besides, this is a questionable decoration not matched with evening dresses. In case of trouble, it is necessary to keep on hand gel applicator for acne Clean & Clear Advantage «rapid effect," he was already four hours after application significantly reduces the size and redness of acne.

Is it worth the trouble to think about on the eve of the holiday? On this score there are many different points of view. However, why not podstelit straw where there is a chance of slipping? Experience shows that when a person is ready for unpleasant surprises, they miraculously bypassed by his side.

Author: Julia Gnedina