"Mark 1 in Russia" recognized "May" tea
 On Saturday, December 11, at the State Kremlin Palace was held a ceremony awarding laureates of national trust "Mark 1 in Russia". The prize is awarded on the basis of nationwide voting, which this year was held on 42 categories of goods and services. In the category of "tea", "Mark 1 in Russia" recognized "May" tea.

Tea - one of the traditional beverage of our country, which can rightly be considered the favorite national drink, because, according to research, tea is drunk 95% of Russians, that is, almost everyone. And because the whole people was especially meaningful recognition is "May" tea as the main "national brand" of the country.

"For the past 20 years in Russia and abroad all know that" May "tea - favorite tea! And now he - 1 in Russia in the category of "tea". Thanks to the millions of Russians who like to drink and "May", - said receiving the award in the Kremlin, General Director of the Company "May" Igor Lisinenko.

 "Mark 1 in Russia" recognized "May" tea

History of people's love for "May" tea began in the early 90s, when the country first learned this a truly Russian brand and appreciate the high quality of this tea. Today, "May" Tea can be found almost everywhere: in stores, visiting friends in cafes and even on the sides of the well-known Russian airlines. And on the eve of the 20th anniversary of such an important vote of confidence and love of the Russians and the title "Mark 1" was for "May" the main gift for the holiday.

Author: Julia Gnedina