Mini versions of perfumes: for you?
 Tell me, you sometimes want to make use of perfume during the day? Probably yes. And like in a bag to carry your favorite 100-milliliter bottle? Many times weigh enough! And it's nice when it is possible to buy a mini-version of a favorite smell!

But that's a problem. Not all manufacturers are thinking about working girls. Mini Travel version or have not every fragrance bottles to 10 ml and not all are practicing.

A pity. For example, girls who have been in the States, often bring out the so-called Roller Balls, are those tiny bottles, slightly larger than a cigarette, or a mini version of your favorite scents.

I do not know what has caused that in Europe such items do not sell, maybe especially customs regulations .... But it would be very convenient to buy a large bottle of perfume and a mini version of a handbag.

 Mini versions of perfumes: for you?
Mini version of odors from Kenzo, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Annick Goutal, Donna Karen (a duo - lip gloss + flavor)

Author: Julia Gnedina