Only not to catch a cold before the New Year!
 Do you have such fears? Then everything is simple - doing preventive maintenance. Find out the most simple and cheap ways to protect against the cold.

• Garlic. It is an effective means to strengthen the body's defenses. Just think over what to do with the smell. If someone's home is already sick, garlic with Medea will not allow the virus to enter your body.

• Chile. It is much more gentle way than garlic. At the very least, to others. Prepare food with pepper on winter days and cold bypass.

• Vitamin C. Most doctors believe that the daily intake of high concentrations of vitamin C will save from colds. True, there are those who have this bet. But it's worth it.

• Cold and hot shower. The most difficult thing - to finish this procedure is a cold shower, but beautiful skin and a cheerful feeling, which will appear soon after a contrast shower, to help cope with the fear of the cold jet.

• Cold shower. This is for those who have contrasting became commonplace. Pouring cold water - known prophylactic. Who is not too brave - have to fight with the smell of garlic)))

• Echinacea. Perhaps the most valuable medicinal herb, if we consider its properties to strengthen the immune system.

• Clean your hands. No, we're not talking about bribes, but also against them. Try to wash your hands after using public transport, after shops and cafes. It is important not to touch the hands of the nose and eyes, and when a cold - try as little as possible to communicate with people, not to give them the infection.

• Stress - the enemy of the immune system. Surprisingly, excessive anxiety and frustration can lead to colds. This is because stress weakens the immune system and general health.

• Smoking, alcohol weakens the body's defenses. Proper nutrition and moderate exercise to strengthen it.

• Sleep enough. While we sleep - power restored.

Let us at least until the New Year does not get sick, to meet this magical holiday joyfully and happily !!!


Author: Julia Gnedina