Simple tips to stay young
 There is no doubt that the present ladies 40 - it is quite a young woman of sixty and fifty years and are full of energy and attractive to men. What is the secret of their youth? How to stay young longer?

• We - what we think of ourselves.   If we suddenly decide that the aged, then so be it.

• Let the sun is within us.   Outside, use protection. The sun provokes skin aging and even cancer risk.

• Communicate with the young.   If you have children - excellent! But it can be and colleagues, and students.

• Communicate with the elderly.   To them, your average age - is still young. Thank you for them - the children or even grandchildren.

• Education does not end with age.   Keep curiosity, alertness. Learn new things, learn new - it will give youth and optimism.

• Prohibit the diagnosis of "years."   Avoid phrases like "too late", "I'm too old," "Not at my age." And if someone pays these phrases you - go unheeded, it's true!

• By helping others, do not forget about yourself.   Pamper yourself at least 20-30 minutes a day designed just for their classes, your debt. Then all the other classes are not a burden but a joy. This eliminates the gloom and pessimism - the basic old-age companions.

• Ignore the clichés and stereotypes.   Most often, the concept of "old age" carries a lot of stupid stereotypes. Somehow, it is believed that age is less likely to be happy, do not move and do not engage in sports, entertainment and give up new acquaintances ... It is easy to grow old and, if all that followed.

Author: Julia Gnedina