In fact, men do not like women without makeup
 When the guys say that the girls are much prettier without makeup - they are lying. By this view came the developers of mobile applications for absentee dating.

Application for dating Zoosk conducted a study to find out how men are truthful when they say that they like the natural look of women without makeup.

1200 questionnaires were analyzed women's and men's responses to them. Women who have been on the photo with decorative cosmetics on the face, got to meet a lot more offers than the ladies without meykapa.

The most effective signal for the men - eye makeup. If a woman paints the eyes, she gets 139% more offers. Girls with lipstick luckier than without lipstick, they offer familiar 119% more often. And the presence of rouge increases the chances of getting to know 24%.

Author: Julia Gnedina