Guerlain has produced fragrances for children
 It turns out that many advanced mom for a long time waiting for this. Children's fragrance - not an absolute novelty, but such as the famous perfume house Guerlain launches a similar product for the first time.

Guerlain introduced a new pair of fragrances under the name of Petit Guerlain - a duo of fragrances for children: boys and girls. Just like adults, "for him and for her."

In concept, of course, there are opponents. They are the ones who do not want children to become young adults. However, there are a group of fashionable moms who still want to educate young dandies and ladies.

Aromas Petit Guerlain, as you might guess, softer and lighter than adults odors. Form release - EDT. Bottles with pink and blue label. And the song itself is not very different. It is a combination of subtle floral notes of orange blossom, mimosa and honey, flavored with pistachios and white musk.

 Guerlain has produced fragrances for children

Price - the luxury, a matter of pride for fans of the brand Guerlain: 215 pounds per 250 ml.

Author: Julia Gnedina