"The atmosphere of creativity" - an exhibition and sale of products for needlework and creativity
 In the last month of winter exhibition "The atmosphere of creativity" once again gather under the roof of TCEs "Tishinka" his many masters and friends! At this time it will last five days - from 5 to 9 February - and during this time it will be waiting for guests rich and interesting program.

Every day visitors "atmosphere" will wait for the many stands with handmade goods: toys, jewelry, natural cosmetics, accessories, candles, home furnishings and more. Also, guests will have a vast selection of materials for creative work: adults will find blanks for scrapbooking and decoupage, paint for painting on glass, wood and porcelain pendants, stencils and other tools and accessories for needlework. Young visitors will be delighted with the special kits for children's art for every taste and age. And, of course, on the eve of Valentine's Day, the exhibition will be given special attention to a nice gift for lovers: here everyone can buy presents for our friends and relatives, and at the same time be inspired by the ideas for the organization of the festival.

 "The atmosphere of creativity" - an exhibition and sale of products for needlework and creativity

Master classes, which is famous for "The atmosphere of creativity", will also be a great pastime for the whole family. Under the guidance of experienced masters will be able to visit the exhibition from scratch to learn the art of stained glass, painting on different materials, felting wool, fabrication cards and toys, soap and more. By the way, this time in the exhibition program will be a new, very interesting master class on blacksmithing!

However, this is just one of the surprises that the exhibition has prepared for its guests. Among other nice points of the "creative atmosphere" - musical and dance performances, contests, sweepstakes, free master-show, gifts and more!

Come to the exhibition-fair "atmosphere of creativity" as a family, to charge a festive mood, raduyte presents himself and his family, learn new, create and be inspired! Welcome!


Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova