The new "girlfriend" of Justin Bieber and a new scandal
 Next Girlfriend - is a new fragrance by the famous singer Justin Bieber. The edition has just been announced, and this coincided with the presentation of a rather unpleasant fact: more than 200 million Americans are asking the US authorities to deport Bieber for his wild life.

Signatures for the expulsion from the country gathered on the White House Web site. In order to offer has been accepted for consideration by the authorities, it was enough just to collect 100 thousand. Such activity of Americans due to their dissatisfaction with the recent scandals with the singer. He was detained for driving a car in a drunken state, and even accused of drug use.

I wonder whether this fact subtract the number of fans of 19-year-old star in America? If yes, Justin has a good chance to recover the location of the fans, because the perfume creation from the singer became one of the most popular, and recently got another novelty, designed to comfort the fans of Justin and give a new flavor to their idol.

The new fragrance is called Next Girlfriend, and it's really "next friend", because in 2012 they released their first scent Girlfriend.

 The new "girlfriend" of Justin Bieber and a new scandal

Novelty is a sweet youth composition, built on the notes of pineapple, peach, raspberry and freesia, lily of the valley and musk.

 The new "girlfriend" of Justin Bieber and a new scandal

The new bottle design follows the first issue, but is made in a new color scheme and adorned with a pendant on the neck.

Author: Julia Gnedina