A new hobby of the rich New York: tattoos for dogs
 Residents of the Upper East Side have found a new way to emphasize their exclusivity and glamor. Now it is fashionable not only to drive her dog massage therapist and a psychologist, but also make it trendy tattoo.

A tattoo was visible to all, it is a job for hairdressers who make epilation dog. Defenders of animals calm, it's temporary tattoos. There is such "beauty" of $ 100 per 1 tattoo. But many Americans still do not understand why this is necessary.

A lover of tattoos for their dogs meet a list of 5 advantages that give them the tattoo glamorous Pets:
- "In the summer, doggies even better if they mow."
- "If I have somewhere to go - I dress up, why is my dog ​​must remain unadorned? ".
- "Me and my dog ​​always dressed in the same range. But in the summer it's hot in the clothing. Tattoo - the best solution for hot weather to blend in with my outfit! ".
- "Dogs love it when they pay attention. You should have seen how she likes her tattoos photographed on the street! ".
- "This little stamp distinguishes my little dog from stray dogs."

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina