Avon is the withdrawal line "Useful Herbs"
 Discover the skin care system, based on extracts of medicinal herbs and useful plants, restores skin youth and beauty ... Among the lines you're sure to find Avon is addressed to you - "Rosehip & Aloe" mattes and refreshing youthful skin, "Echinacea and white tea "nourishes and supports the skin after 30, and the line" Sea-buckthorn and bearberry "returns youthful appearance of mature skin after 40.

Avon Naturals line Useful Herbs "Rosehip & Aloe" 20+

It moisturizes the skin and mattes

 Avon is the withdrawal line "Useful Herbs"

Rosehip   - Due to the high content of organic fruit acids and essential vitamins and has exceptional moisturizing and emollient smoothing properties. It recommended for sensitive, oily and problem skin.

Aloe   - It has incomparable properties, providing a deep and persistent moisture, further stimulating the natural repair mechanisms of the skin. Aloe is also known for its cleansing and matting properties, for which it is often called a botanical miracle, as if specially created for the perfect skin care.

Prices Product line Avon Naturals Useful Herbs "Rosehip & Aloe":

Face mask: 79 rubles. (50 ml)
Gel for washing: 79 rubles. (100 ml)
Tonic for the face: 79 rubles. (100 ml)
Face cream: 79 rubles. (50 ml)

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova