Donatella Versace was named woman of our time
 British Vogue has given the epithet "woman of our time," Donatella Versace (almost Lermontov "Hero of Our Time"). It turns out to be a rebel, wearing high heels and smoking - it is modern.

Donatella's brother, founder of the brand Versace, Gianni Versace, died in July 1997. Since Donatellla took over all the responsibilities for the development of the brand, and achieved nearly the same success as her brother. Clothing from Donatella knows the whole world, and the label Versace - the dream of any sexual woman.

The secret of her success is that she was a good student of his brother, he bequeathed to her, "Be fearless, provocative and bold." And it is very much Donatella. In an interview with British Vogue fashion designer he admitted that "had always been a rebel, like Gianni." And yet, never stops, I have always been very curious.

 Donatella Versace was named woman of our time
Donatella Versace gives interviews contributing editor Lisa Armstrong British Voge

Donatella Style of the least recognizable than clothes from Versace. Platinum hair, high heels, tight shiny pants. She can not remember the last time I wore flat shoes, pants and chooses latex even when watching TV.

"My style is not so difficult: heels, tight pants and diamonds" - sums up Donatella. There she and weakness. This beautiful men and ... unfortunately, cigarettes. "I broke up with a personal trainer, because he would not let me smoke" - recognized celebrity.

You would call Donatella Versace heroine of our time?

Author: Julia Gnedina