How many women spend on make-up for life?
 The British calculated how much their compatriots spend money on makeup and personal care in a lifetime. It was interviewed 2000 residents of Albion. Figures were impressive.

The average British women on the make-up and care products for skin leaves 18,000 pounds. At the same time, make-up - the expense item, accounting for 9, 525.91 pounds, and skin care - 8, 523.97 pounds.

Initially shocking figure - her beauty, women spend an amount equivalent to the value of a good car. But the researchers who conducted the poll, believe that the figure is more than modest, because the money the average Briton spends 64 for 5 years (between 18 and 82, 5 years).

That is, in the year is not so much: to make up 279, 41 pounds, and the means for persons - 131 95. To apply make-up moisturizer, concealer, mascara, lipstick, blush. And by means of a face: cleansers, toners, eye cream, facial masks.

Author: Julia Gnedina