Shaping lingerie with caffeine
 French lingerie brand Simone Pérèle introduced a novelty - corrective underwear, which not only corrects, and fights cellulite while you wear it.

Most women in varying degrees, are familiar with the problem of cellulite. Help can only be complex: this detox diet and firming lotion, and anti-cellulite treatments. Well established in the fight against orange peel the caffeine.

The French thought that would be nice to help busy women, providing them with constant influence of caffeine on the problem areas.

New corrective underwear from Simone Pérèle is impregnation (granules that are released on contact with the skin) of caffeine, vitamin E, retinol and aloe vera. The brand claims that the effect of the magic of lycra persists for 100 washings!

It turns out the thing "2-in-1": the correction of figure, and fight against cellulite. And by the way, it really works. Because 63% of clients indicated brand cellulite reduction after 28 days of wearing super-linen.

 Shaping lingerie with caffeine

It looks like fabric with caring properties - this is our future. Already have moisturizing jeans, underwear, and now anti-cellulite things. Is coming soon exfoliating dresses and shirts with tanning?

Author: Julia Gnedina