Timotei invites women to cruise Beauty
 June 1, 2013 launched a new promotional campaign by Timotei: every day during the three summer months, will play one of 92 stylish pendant with emeralds and cubic zirconia! But the grand prize winner will get a special creative competition - an amazing journey for two, full of fun and unforgettable beauty rituals: SPA in Greece and Egypt, breakfast in Sicily, sailing on the Mediterranean!

Timotei announces the launch of a promotional campaign "Beauty Cruise with Timotei», which will take place during the from June 1 to November 1 2013   in support of the cosmetics for skin care and hair care: shampoo, shower gels, styling.

How to join the campaign "Beauty Cruise with Timotei»?

1. It is sufficient to buy one shampoo, shower gel or hair styling Timotei with a special promotional sticker on the packaging.

2. Register online www.krasota.timotei.ru, completing the online application form and indicating the personal data and contact information.

3. Register your hidden under a promotional code sticker on the campaign website or send it in a text message to the short number 1227.

What will the winners of "Beauty Cruise with Timotei»?

Every day during the three summer months Timotei will play stylish Pendants with emeralds and cubic zirconia! During the action Timotei will determine the winners in order of random sampling.

Timotei also arranges for protesters creative competition! After registration code www.krasota.timotei.ru you can upload your photo on the site through a special application and create a collage on the theme of "Journey of beauty with Timotei». The winner of the art contest is waiting for the grand prize: an amazing journey around the Mediterranean for two!

Details and conditions of the campaign "Beauty Cruise Timotei» - online www.krasota.timotei.ru, as well as hotline 8-800-200-1-200.

  Beauty rituals connected with the peculiarities of production involved in the action: shower gels "Sicilian morning", "Egyptian bath", "Mediterranean Breeze", "Greek peeling."
  Timotei Buy products with a sticker and send the code will be in the period from 1 June to 31 August of 2013. The total period of action: from 01.06.2013 on 01.11.2013. The promotion is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  The cost of SMS - messages will be 2, 05 rubles. VAT included.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova