Lena Lenina present wonderful diagnostic tool
 Blonde Lena Lenina - phenomenon for the Russian show business unique. As one of the most popular media people in the country, namesake of Vladimir Ilyich never ceases to experiment with different business projects, each of which suddenly becomes commercially successful. In record time the brand network manicure studio Lena Lenina become the largest franchise in the country, on the one hand, and the largest network of nail service in Eastern Europe, on the other. According to statistics from the Leninist network visited every third resident of Moscow. That is, if you do not, your family, girlfriends and neighbors.

Another brand, released through restlessness Lenin - developed in conjunction with the cosmetics company Egomania   Complex shampoos and hair care products Lovely by Egomania & ELenaLenina . A distinctive feature of the product is that it consists of aphrodisiacs Causing male erotic desire. In developing this miraculous composition of Lenin participated as a consultant and the main ideological inspirer. Who better than her best-selling author of 22 psychology, know what smells stimulate the production of necessary hormones in family life.

Here and now, armed with your own knowledge of psychology and with the support of the best psychologists in Europe and America, the indefatigable Lenin prepares sensational project. In a short time in any salon Network Studios can not just do a manicure or pedicure, but also to Express survey to determine the overall health of your nails . It's no secret that in our body everything is interconnected: disease in one body immediately makes itself felt in another. Lena Lenin proposed to introduce a fundamentally new method for diagnosis of diseases of the nail plate. The program is still under development and is kept a closely guarded secret, but it is of fundamental importance it is hard to underestimate.

 Lena Lenina present wonderful diagnostic tool

Lena Lenina : "The project that we are doing now - a real revolution in science .  Any resident of the metropolis can now combine the ordinary procedure such as a manicure with a serious examination of their own health .  We are all aware of the need to regularly scheduled medical examinations, but many people ignore this vital procedure .  Sometimes people start to sound the alarm when it is already too late .  The method of rapid diagnosis will allow time to signal emerging problems, and therefore, in a timely manner to resolve them, without running .  When the invention will be patented, we hope to make it accessible to the widest audience .  We deliberately plan to maximize dumping so that our innovation was affordable for all segments of the population absolutely .  For me, first of all, the most important social and scientific importance of the project, we are working .  In the future I plan to release a similar psychological program .  After all, the state of the nails can tell not only about the physiological state of a person, but also his mental health .  For example, those who bites his nails, clearly has some problems .  Sometimes one look at the human hand is sufficient for an accurate diagnosis of psychotherapy " .

Lenin promises that miracle-diagnostic system will be released in six months. Well, we can only stand still waiting, just in case richly seasoned head Lovely   with aphrodisiacs.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova