Supermodel Lara Stone shared her beauty secrets
 Journalist New York Magazine talked to Lara about what care she prefers the winter, and some cosmetics like most supermodels.

Lara took congratulations pregnancy (Lara's husband has recently announced that they are expecting a baby) and the upcoming New Year holidays. A model admitted that she loves Christmas, it starts to feel long before the holiday.

Lara Stone has agreed to reveal their little secrets of beauty, and the first question Winter care about .
Lara: With the onset of cold weather skin needs more attention. I turn to a heavier moisturizer, now every day I use Creme de la Mer. I also every day I put or render a cream for hands. Another product is mandatory for winter - bronzer. He is always in my purse, without skin looks pale and sick. Nanoshu bronzer on the cheeks and neck. Now my bronzer - from L'Oréal, I like his tone, he never looks too orange.

What is your winter make-up?
Lara: In winter I like to have more color on the lips. It's so festive, is not it? But I'm not a professional make-up artist and a bright red color is often blurred, so make sure you use a liner, then fill the surface of this lip liner, and only then - lipstick.

You have your way of scents for daytime and for the night?
Lara: During the day I wear CK One, it is fresh and bright, really like. In the evening I usually choose Euphoria, it is more sensitive. I love him so much that I wear, even at home.

Besides Euphoria, what else makes you happy?
Lara: The happiest moments - when I come home tired, and my one year old puppy thrown at me, licking and whining with joy.

When you first started to use cosmetics?
Lara: For the first time in years, tried to make up 14 or 15 spent all her pocket money on foundation, then read in Cosmo, you need to use more primer, powder and blush. And it was a cool experiment with orange skin and rosy cheeks dry.

And the biggest failure of beauty?
Lara: Oh, I wanted to pull out his eyebrows, but I did not have a pair of tweezers. So I decided to do it with scissors. Just cut the roots. But all did so clumsily that cut myself, and now I have a scar under the eyebrow. Never do this!

Author: Julia Gnedina