The contest "Winter's Tale" at Home Moms
 Winter is fast approaching, and with it, and everyone's favorite New Year. All we have in anticipation of a wonderful, joyous celebration. Mums come up costumes for their kids, because the kids (and not only) love to dress up as various characters from fairy tales. And yet - the children are waiting for gifts from Santa Claus.

I will tell you a secret: gifts can be obtained not only from the famous grandfather, but also from countries Mom and production center 7 rainbow. What do I need to do? Only to take part in our new contest, posting on his page photograph of the child in a suit fantastic character, and win. The winners will receive tickets for the new fabulous show, "Well, wait!" To be held on the stage of the largest and most comfortable room Russia "Crocus City Hall" in Moscow   (By the way, if you do not live in Moscow, you can participate in the contest and donate tickets girlfriends-Muscovite :))

 The contest "Winter's Tale" at Home Moms

Producer center "Seventh Rainbow"   It values ​​its audience, and in this anniversary year produced a fantastic New Year's show based on the famous multistorii A. and B. Kurland Kotenochkin "Well, wait a minute! " , A budget of more than 3 million dollars! This will be the most extraordinary event of all time of the company. The organizers will realize the most daring ideas with technical innovations: glow in the dark decoration, flying over the room fabulous creatures, gnomes and unusual establishment in direct contact with the audience (including guests on the balcony!) - All this make believe in miracles.

Heroes of the famous multistorii need to get to a magic New Year Ball, hosted by the Grandfather Frost. Wolf and Hare expect an incredible test, fantastic miracles and fairy-tale characters, and the children in the audience will be able to help them in this exciting adventure.

You will:

- An event with a budget of more than 3 million dollars! ;
- Mul'tizhanrovoy fabulous show;
- Specially created for the show MULTSYURPRIZ;
- Fantastic stunts and magic tricks;
- Magical wonders by using the latest technological advances;
- Stunning 3D VIDEO MAPPING (c spatial video animation using the features of the scene and the audience);
- A unique interactive with all the kids in the audience, including guests on the balcony;
- Meeting with the Orchestra of clowns;
- The original world-class circus acts;
- Participation in the show of exotic animals;
- Children's Musical Theater "Domisolka";
- Cartoon magical laser show;
- Presentation of a new book by A. Kurland;
- 4 animation and play areas in the lobby;
and many many others.

Special guest of the show - the famous clown theater "Actors" Leonid Leikin with a new number "Applause!"
Be assured - we know that your children will enjoy!

Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive 2 tickets to different places on the New Year's show, "Well, wait!"!

But that is not all! Another 10 winners will receive 2 tickets to the balcony on New Year's show, "Well, wait!"!

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Author: Anna Shustrova