Competition for «Your house and the animals in it"
 On the occasion of the ensuing spring, the company Karcher, the world famous manufacturer of equipment for harvesting and cleaning, together with site holds a contest of stories on the theme "Your house and the animals in it."

We are responsible for those who tamed, and order in the house. Agree responsibility serious.

Your dog is "rich" hair and generously shares it with carpets? Or in the house lives a mischievous cat? Or maybe you breed rabbits? The most unexpected surprises that you have prepared for pets, happy endings and story-disaster - all of this can become a subject of a fascinating story and bring you victory in the competition. Share personal experiences, how to keep the house clean in the presence of furry, shaggy and feathered friends.

Submit your story online under "Articles. The fauna and flora of our house. Your house and the animals in it "and get a chance to win a necessary and useful prizes!

The contest will be held from 20 March to 23 April 2012. Winners will be announced on 25 April 2012.

Authors of the most interesting stories will receive great prizes from Karcher Company :

The winner will be awarded steam cleaner SC 1.020

the prize for the second place - wiper WV 50 Plus

third place - elektrovenik For 55 Plus

 Competition for «Your house and the animals in it"

To take part in the competition should be   write a story about curiosity, which is presented to you by your pets and how you deal with it adequately in an art form. Text of writing - Russian. And post it on any day within the terms of the contest in "Your house and the animals in it."

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