June 2 - The day of healthy food and non-nonsense food. Join!
 "I Play Sports on Monday", "stop smoking after the date of the report", "will begin to eat right after the holidays" - how often do we hear these phrases? And how often do they utter? But is it worth to wait for next Monday? Maybe we should start a new life in the ... holiday? Moreover, that the holidays are the best, sometimes unexpected.

Already the second year is opened for residents Runet Happy healthy eating and giving up excesses in food .

It is celebrated on June 2. The existence of this festival - one more proof that with the right approach the Internet can not be a killer and a thief of time our health, and an assistant, friend and organizer of a healthy life. Mark this holiday very easily - enough to plan and execute a pleasant and useful things that are so easy to organize, but which recently are not reached.

Discard the semis and create a healthy and delicious meal for the whole family, priurochte to this date the first training session in the gym or simply take out your bike and take a ride on the summer park. Play a game of active and fun games with their children, organize diet picnic with friends or a stimulating evening walk for health and enjoyment. Take care of her beauty - arrange home spa treatments with friends, visit the sauna or swimming pool. Fantasy can be limitless - the main thing to fulfill all long deferred, but are necessary for our harmony, health and beauty business.

The number of participants in the festival grows every year, and it is not surprising, because the Day of healthy eating has no territorial binding, age and gender restrictions - it's available for everybody! And everyone is able to celebrate his own way. What remains?

"The day came to an end ... our beloved Pope somewhere else is going to work, and my daughter, tired but very happy with him and this wonderful day-out excesses, fall asleep with a smile, knowing that we are able to paint their everyday bright paints and a day to do a lot of good and beautiful cases, find new hobbies and interesting activities, and we strongly believe that the Excess can be only one - this excessive enthusiasm of the life in all its beautiful forms! ". (Anna, 25 years old, the participant of the Day of healthy eating and giving up excesses in food-2011).

Certainly - in public and mass day of healthy food and non-food excesses carried out only once a year. But it is - just an excuse for everyone to think about how easy it is to exchange harmful habits for a healthy and beautiful life that is available to each of us every day of the year. It's so easy!

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Marina Tumovskaya