Ksenia Sobchak - now chief editor gloss «Sex and the City»
 The magazine has undergone a re-branding of a cardinal in 2011, when instead of «Sex and the City» became «SNC». Published monthly, it is considered an intellectual reading matter with a sense of humor among fashionistas and lovers of gloss.

Now the publication «SNC» again change. New chief editor Ksenia Sobchak was going to do a magazine that, in her own words, to "speak with a modern city girl on her tongue."

We add that recently Ksenia Sobchak appeared to be radically changed the vector of his career, including in political and public interest projects. Even I had time to amass "enemies", because of which it has denied in the conduct of award ceremony MTV, and its program "Department of State" has repeatedly been without air for various reasons (ie closed, the authorities did not give "good" for recording transmission OkupayAbbay camp at Chistye Prudy in Moscow).

But it seems that Ksenia Sobchak still can not give up the role of secular and glamorous girls, so work in glossy considered attractive for himself. I wonder, will it somehow protest movement? Or Xenia "tied" to the protests?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina