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 That came to an end for another year. We hope that it was more positive. Try to forget and put aside the old year of failure, resentment and disease. More children's laughter in your homes, good and true friends, stability! And for our part we will try to please you with interesting guests on our pages, useful headings and unforgettable events are a must attend only the whole family, because it is so loved and appreciated by our children. In the meantime, our new announcement.

Natalya Gulkina: "I believe in miracles" Singer shared her plans for the coming holidays and talked about whether there is a Santa Claus really is.

We visited on a visit in Moscow Maternity hospital №6 them. AA Apricot .

On pre-holiday bustle, gifts and faith in miracles, their experiences and tips shared charming actress Lyanka Gryu: Positive around .

Experts network of fitness clubs WorldClass assured that every kid can be of interest to physical training. This is the material Children charged .

The restaurant staff "MOA" care to our diet was made up only of the useful organic products. This is the material Back to the Future .

Modern children watch cartoons from the very tender age, perceiving reality largely through what they see on the screen, shifting patterns of behavior drawn from the real world into the world. And so it is important to understand what our kids are there. Why do children like cartoons?

Well, perhaps one more relevant for many of us, the theme of the New Year holidays - Ranking of the best outdoor skating rinks Moscow .

Also in the room : Consulting obstetrician-gynecologist, a psychologist, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news, events, announcements of children. performances, horoscope column Kitchen, rating the best outdoor skating rinks Moscow Trends and Close-up.

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Happy New Year!

Author: Julia Gnedina