Magazine "» № 01-2012 on sale from December 26
 We count the days until the New Year, and then the series of long holidays. Things to do? Cinema, theater, walking in the fresh air and, of course, reading your favorite magazine in the warm bed with hot tea (with lemon, ah) hands. So, what is "" depicts in the January issue?

If you are still waiting for the baby, then read about how pregnant celebrate New Year And young parents will be helpful article about kids entertainment during the holidays .

But the case time and fun time. Therefore, another festive paper - about nutrition in the New Year's Eve   (recipes - our know-how!).

Now to the point - your pregnant life. Articles about diabetes in pregnancy and uterine fibroids   - For those who deal with these issues and for those who do not want touched.

 Magazine "» № 01-2012 on sale from December 26

Pay attention to the workshops: aromatherapy during pregnancy and relaxation in labor . Cut and re-read once a week!

Then you can relax and think about sex - about postpartum contraception If these are not used, then the children will be born again soon.

Oh, those kids, it turns out, they see with their own eyes childbirth, grind their teeth and prevent parents bed .

 Magazine "» № 01-2012 on sale from December 26,

And even the most unruly kids want to see presents under the Christmas tree . Parents all agree and give-give-give all the children asked.

 Magazine "» № 01-2012 on sale from December 26

But for Baptism gifts   I do not ask, they just bring. What kind? Read column must have «Baptism» .

Also in this issue:   Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a lawyer, a pediatrician, an overview of the shops, the Internet site of exhibition, company news, events, opinion column, hits sales.

 Magazine "» № 01-2012 on sale from December 26

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Happy New Year!

Author: Julia Gnedina