New Aqua di Gio by Armani
 "The strength of the sea and the sky brightness - that's what inspires me. Therefore fragrance Acqua Di Giò Essenza I would like to create a mix of energy and sensuality "- said the new Giorgio Armani fragrance.

Super successful fragrance Acqua Di Giò by Armani this summer gets intense and brighter continued in the form of perfume Acqua Di Giò Essenza.

Author smell - the famous perfumer Alberto Morrilas. He gave new emphasis previous aroma lights, colors and ozone. The formula brought flavor notes of patchouli, cedar and Haitian vetiver, giving the composition a soft, spicy and smoky shade of tropical forests. Base - woody-amber, it is 10 times more amber than the toilet water, Acqua di Giò. This gives the new product concentration and fortress.

Face flavor - model Nessman Simon, who is called "modern Apollo".

 New Aqua di Gio by Armani

Already in the next issues of gloss and on TV - an advertising campaign with the participation of Simon.

Author: Julia Gnedina